JForex Platform Review

JForex Platform Review
JForex in General
JForex is an automated trading platform which is offered by Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe. Alpari UK recently added a JForex version in cooperation with Dukascopy. JForex is a trading platform with multiple functions which provides the ability for both manual and automated trading. The Dukascopy JForex interface allows traders to design and test trading strategies using Java programming language.

Dukascopy JForex Features
Here are the most important features of the Dukascopy JForex trading platform:
-Offering 180 indicators -Available to use in automated Forex strategies.
-Automated JForex strategies may be executed on many operating environments (Windows, Apple Mac, Linux and others).
-Strategy automated visualization is available for historical tests.
-Full market depth trading option.
-Automated strategies and historical tests may be implemented on multiple Fx pairs.
-JForex offers historical tests based on real tick data.
-JForex offers individuals Bids and Offers which are placed directly on the market and may be matched by other liquidity traders. This feature allows individual traders to act as full liquidity providers and lowering the cost of spread.
Dukascopy JForex Platform Technology
Based on JAVA programming language Dukascopy JForex offers Forex traders the ability to develop and test trading strategies. The interface of the platform is similar to the interface of Java platform. Tools of technical analysis on Dukascopy JForex provide the chance to follow positions directly from a chart.
Dukascopy JForex Minimum Requirements:
-Personal computer with a CPU power of 1,5 Ghz and Ram memory of 1Gb
-Requires Java 1.6 programming environment
There is not a lot of documentation concerning the Dukascopy JForex platform but this is changing as the JForex community is expanding.

Meta Trader 4 ClientBridge for Dukascopy JForex
Meta Trader T4 Client Bridge for Dukascopy JForex is a plug-in to link MT4 with Dukascopy JForex platform. It provides the ability to transfer MetaTrader signals to Dukascopy JForex where there can be executed. For the JForex platform this bridge is taken as a standard strategy and thus the trading signals may be automatic executed.

JForex Alpari (PAMM account)
JForex is also offered by the Forex broker Alpari UK, JForex PAMM offers:
-Accept or decline new managed accounts and funds with a click.
-Monitor easily each trader account using a single central taskbar.
-Positions and Commissions Report
-Portfolio Intraday Statements.
-Built-in stop loss order system which provides the ability to set and manage the accepted level of trading risk.

Basics Steps when start trading using Dukascopy JForex platform
1) Signup for a Demo account on Dukascopy
2) Run JForex platform
3) Follow the instructions provided by Dukascopy
4) Design your first JForex strategy
5) Test JForex strategy on historical past data
6) Open a real account and trade for real money

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