cTrader Platform Review

cTrader Platform Review

cTrader is a popular Forex platform providing STP, DMA and NDD access to the Foreign Exchange market. In comparison with other trading platforms cTrader offers some unique features explained below. cTrader is designed to fit the needs of every Forex trader including Individual and Professional Traders (Institutional Investors, Money Managers, Algorithmic Traders etc).

Integrating two Platforms in a Single Trading Environment

The cTrader Package includes two different trading platforms:

1. cTrader Trading Platform

100% Web based platform suitable for desktop PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

2. cAlgo Platform

The cAlgo is an algorithmic trading platform suitable for automated trading via coding in C# (C-Sharp). The cAlgo platform is fully compatible with the cTrader environment and that means that you can share trading accounts, indicators and templates between these two platforms.

cTrader Main Features

1. Simultaneous Order Processing

cTrader provides simultaneous order processing offering multiple order execution in high speed. Orders may be filled in milliseconds transforming cTrader in an efficient arbitrage machine.

2. Forex Market Depth

cTrader provides market depth showing a full range of executable prices deriving from liquidity providers. The platform incorporates the VWAP system (Volume Weighted Average Price) which means that orders are filled instantly against the full order book.

In addition the platform shows which markets are opened at anytime (New Yorksession,Londonsession etc). The active markets are displayed at the bottom of the platform.

3.  Order Types

cTrader provides a full range of trading orders such is the limit order, the stop order and the market order plus other non-popular order types such is the market-range order.

4. Technical Analysis

cTrader incorporates popular technical analysis tools such is the trend indicators, price oscillators and volatility indices. All technical analysis tools are easy integrated and removed. In addition users may adjust easily the zoom level and their selected timeframe.

Traders can also create their own indicators via the cAlgo algorithmic platform. cAlgo offers the chance to develop your own visual styles and parameters for automated Forex trading. The two platforms (cTrader and cAlgo) can work together for providing both manual and automated trading. Chart templates and trading accounts can be shared between these two platforms.

5. Multiple Accounts

cTrader supports multiple accounts which means that you can switch between two accounts in two clicks via the account bar. Each account may have its own base currency.

6. Proxy Connection

cTrader includes advanced settings for Proxy connections allowing easy connectivity from anywhere by passing firewall protection without problems.

7. Languages Support

14 different languages are provided (English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Korean, Italian, Greek, German, Turkish, Hungarian and Vietnamese)

cTrader Charting Capabilities

One of the greatest advantages when trading with cTrader is the advanced charting capabilities including extensive trading indicators library.

(i) Chart Trading

cTrader offers click-and-drag functionality. Users can open and close orders and modify their stop losses in just a click.

(ii) Chart views

cTrader provides fourteen (14) time frame views to suit the needs of different strategies. In addition traders can view their charts on six (6) zoom levels.

(iii) Social Trading & Chart-Shots

You may take an instant chart snapshot and share it in the web. In addition, you can embed a trading chart directly into your web site or use 300 social networking sites to share your chart with the world.

(iv) cTrader Templates

Create and save easily your chart templates and share it with cAlgo.

The cTrader Official web-site

Algorithmic Trading via cAlgo

cAlgo provides the ability for advanced and fast ECN automated Forex trading. Users are able to develop their own custom indicators and cBots Expert Advisors. The cBots are developed via the C# language. Users can design their own expert advisor via the cAlgo editor or even the Visual Studio.

Algorithmic traders can share, download and discuss cBots on the cTrader Developer’s Network (cTDN)

cTrader Downloads:

Download the cTrader Demo

Download the cAlgo Demo

Download the cTrader iOs Version at iTunes

Download the cTrader Android Version at Google Play

Forex Brokers Offering the cTrader Platform

These are some regulated Forex brokers offering the cTrader platform:










Minimum Account: $500

Leverage: 500:1

  Visit LiquidMarkets

  Review LiquidMarkets





Minimum Account: $1

Leverage: 500:1

  Visit RoboForex

  Review RoboForex



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