NinjaTrader Platform Review

NinJaTrader Review

NinjaTrader Review 

Introduction to NinJaTrader Platform

NinjaTrader is a popular trading platform that may be used for trading Forex, Stocks and Futures. NinjaTrader LLC was found in June 2004 and it is a privately company maintaining headquarters in Denver, USA and general offices in Germany and in Netherlands. Today there are more than 300 commercial partners / developers of NinjaTrader. NinjaTrader can be used for free, but those traders that want to exploit the full features of the trading platform must purchase the commercial version (info at the end of this review).

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NinjaTrader Basic Features

The platform is supported today by hundreds of brokers and developers. NinjaTrader offers advanced market analytics, sophisticated charting, automated trading, expert advisors, back-testing and trading simulator. There is also the ability to import data from Metastock (Text file based historical data import). 

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NinJaTrader Platform ReviewNinjaTrader Advanced Charting

One of the Key advantages of NinjaTrader is the Advanced Charting Features, here are some key charting capabilities:

1. Multi charting and wide variety of drawing tools

2. Trade from Charts (1-click trading)

3. Wide Indicators and Strategies Library (create your own)

4. SuperDOM Feature (Single click order entry, modification and cancellation)

5. Chart Trader (explained below)

6. Auto-Breakeven Trading Button

Chart Trader

Here are some characteristics of the Chart Trader incorporated in NinjaTrader: 1. Execute trades directly from charts | 2. Enter and modify trading orders | 3. Real Time Monitoring of positions and orders 

Forex Trader (FX Pro)

Forex Trader Pro is specially designed for Forex traders:

1. Read the market Easy Window | 2. Single click trading | 3. Display Forex Market Depth

and additionally:

4. Time and Market Data Window | 5. Fast-Alert Window | 6. RSS and News Window

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NinjaTrader Market & Strategy Analyzer

NinJaTrader Platform ToolsThe NinjaTrader market analyzer offers:

1. Fast quote sheet which allows hundreds of financial instruments to be displayed in real time

2. 150 Columns for indicators

3. Dynamic sorting, ranking and filtering

4. Personalized criteria using NinjaScript®

The Strategy Analyzer offers1. Historical performance back-testing | 2. Forward analysis | 3. Basket testing | 4. 80 and more performance metrics | 5. Multi performance graphs 

ATM Feature (Advanced Trade Management)

This is one of the most important features of NinjaTrader platform, and offers: 1. Automate your stop-loss and take-profit order submission | 2. Automate self-trailing stop-loss orders | 3. Automatic breakeven stop-loss order

 Develop and Analyze Automatic Trading Strategies

Developers of NinjaTrader may formulate their own strategies using the NinjaScript® (based on C++).

1. Easy creator for non-programmers | 2. Advanced Strategy-Development using NinjaScript® | 3. 100 and more Pre-Defined indicators | 4. High performance back-testing | 5.Monte CarloAnalysis | 6. Real time simulation testing

Execute Automated Trading Strategies

NinjaTrader allows Trading signals execution from External Apps:

1. NinjaTrader provides automatic execution of trading signals.

2. Signals from TradeStation to your broker (no programming)

3. Trading Signals from eSignal to your broker

4. Multi interface options (DLL, File and .NET)

 NinJaTrader System and Strategies

Supported Market Data Vendors

Here are some market data vendors that partner with the NinjaTrader platform: eSignal | Google Finance | Telvent DTN | TradeStation | Yahoo Finance | Kinetick


3rd Party Trading Apps

There are more than 300 commercially developed add ons (strategies and indicators): 1. Extended library of indicators and trading strategies | 2. Large network of NinjaTrader educators 

Official Supporting Brokers

Here are some brokers that partner with NinjaTrader:

CQG | | FXCM | Interactive Brokers | MB Trading | Patsystems | TD Ameritrade | Trading Technologies | Vision Financial Markets | Zen-Fire 

Download Free or Buy the NinjaTrader Lifetime License

You may download NinjaTrader for free or to buy the commercial version. The commercial version starts from $995 per license. 

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