PipJet Forex Robot Review

PipJet Forex RobotPipJet Forex Robot Review

Robot Name: PipJet

Robot Platform: MetaTrader-4

Robot Type: 4 and 5-digit Forex Robot

Price: $97 (Free Updates)

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Introduction to the PipJet Robot

PipJet is a Forex Robot developed by the Forex Megadroid team. The Robot is specialized in Trading USDCAD. You can trade with PipJet using MetaTrader4 and an account worth as little as 100 USD. The PipJet costs $97 (onetime fee) while all future updates are provided for free.

PipJet Robot Main Trading Features

◘ Opens positions mainly on the Asian Session.

◘ Positions are held in an intraday time frame. Each position opened may last a maximum time of 18 hours.

◘ PipJet trades only upon selective market conditions (Opens trades 3-5 times per week).

◘ PipJet has the Highest Winning Probability when trading USD/CAD.

◘ Easy and fast configuration. You may use the default settings or make some adjustments according to your individual trading style.

◘ PipJet Trading Style concerns short-term speculation based on high probability trend reversals within determined price channels.

PipJet Forex Robot Trading Review

The Core Decission Making of the PipJet Robot

The PipJet trading decisions are based on a specific indicator that incorporates readings from RSI, Parabolic SAR, CCI and Fibonacci levels.

i) If the indicator is at 300 or above then the PipJet gets a BUY signal

i) If the indicator is at -200 or below then the PipJet gets a SELL signal

The Defensive Strategy incurred in the PipJet

The PipJet includes three (3) built-in tools to filter trades and accept only the safe and reliable ones.

1) PAI (Price Action Indicator)

It is generating a proprietary ratio of prices. If PAI is below 30 the trade is not accepted.

2) MDI (Mean Deviation Index)

The MDI indicator is ranged between 1-70. If MDI is below 40 the trade is not accepted.

3) 1-Min. Close Method

If three (3) or more 1-min. bars have closed with 5+ pips below or above the determined channel then the trade is not accepted as there is a high probability of a channel breakout.

The PipJet has an additional built-in Mechanism to detect the lower spreads


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PipJet Forex Robot Review

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