GPS Forex Robot Review

GPS Forex RobotGPS Forex Robot Review

Robot Name: GPS Robot 2

Robot Platform: MetaTrader4 | MetaTrader5

Robot Type: Forex Scalper

Price: 149

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Introduction to the GPS Forex Robot 2

The GPS Forex Robot is designed to operate like a Forex scalper. It usually targets profits of 5-30 pips. The new GPS Forex Robot version 2 is much faster than the version 1. The Robot costs 149 Euro, onetime fee. The GPS Forex Robot is developed by Mark Larsen.


GPS Forex Robot ReviewThe GPS Forex Robot Main Features

The GPS Forex Robot 2 provides an adaptable trading environment by offering a variety of parameters. It aims to adapt into different trading styles. Additionally the robot can be set to identify the optimal settings on its own –according to the current market conditions.

◘ Scalping Forex Robot

◘ Focusing on the Asian Session

◘ Trading EURUSD but also EURGBP, GBPUSD, USDCHF etc

◘ Trailing Take-Profit Feature

◘ A Reverse Strategy is included which opens trades in the opposite direction in order to offset occasional losses

◘ Adapting on Current Market Conditions


Fully Customized Expert Advisor

Customization is one of the key advantages when trading using the GPS Robot. The Expert Advisor can be fully customized to fit any trading style, including intraday traders, swing and long-term traders. Although the Forex Robot 2 can be adapted in any trading style the main focus remains on short-term trading and especially as concerns risk-management.

The back-testing results of GPS Forex Robot are really good (Win-2-Lose and Drawdown Percentage) and these results are based on 6 years of data.


Forex Automatic Review Conclusions

The GPS Forex Robot 2 is a Forex scalper trading a wide variety of currencies and focusing on the Asian session. Our suggestion is that this robot is performing better on clear trends. The reason is that the GPS Forex Robot leaves a lot of space for the stop-loss and implements a relative tight Profit/Loss ratio. The robot can adapt many different trading styles and be used in multiple time frames.


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GPS Forex Robot Review

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