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A Trading System is a trading method that is based on a series of specific rules and conditions to determine whether to buy or sell a financial asset at a specific price and time.

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1000pip Climber System Review

1000pip Climber System Review

Name: 1000pip Climber System

Platform: MetaTrader-4 

Type: Fully-Automated Signaling System 

Price$299 $149

License: Lifetime


The 1000pip Climber System

The 1000pip Climber System is a sophisticated trading algorithm that has been developed by an experienced algorithmic Forex trader. The aim of the system is to make it as easy as possible for the home trader to succeed at Forex trading.

The system itself will continuously analyze the Forex market and search for high probability trading opportunities. When there is a signal, the system can be set to notify you visually, audibly, or by email and MT4 push notifications.

An important aspect of this system is that ALL trade parameters are provided; entry price, take profit and stop loss. This makes the system very easy to use and it can be followed 100% mechanically – just follow the system and get results. This is one of the simplest ways to trade the FX market that we have seen.

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Forex X Code System Review

Forex X Code System Review 

Trading System: Forex X Code System

Type: Trend Scanning / Manual Signals

Platform: MetaTrader4

Price: 80.0 USD (One-Time Fee)


Forex X Code System Basic Review Information

The Forex X Code is a trending scanner that works on Metatrader4 and it is designed to generate manual trading signals. The system focuses mainly on analyzing and identifying ranging from trending and sideways markets. The trading approach when using the Forex X Code system is fully visualized via the use of colorful lines. These signal lines are identifying different market types and are indicating the right price levels for executing a trade. You can use the Forex X Code for trading any financial asset given that is supported via the MT4 platform. The system costs 80 USD (one time payment).

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EA Builder Review

EA Builder Review 

Manual Forex and Auto-trading System

EA Builder is a web application that allows Forex Traders to create their custom indicators and trading strategies without any programming skills.

EA Builder Features

These are the main features of EA Builder:

  1. Free for creating indicators and onetime payment for creating Forex Robots (EAs)
  2. Supports MetaTrader-4, MetaTrader-5 and TradeStation
  3. Trade any Financial instrument (Forex, stocks, metals, energies, indices, ETFs)
  4. Supports Binary Options Trading via MT4
  5. The free subscription includes Unlimited Indicators
  6. The development of Forex Robots (EAs) comes with a one-time payment (97 USD)
  7. Video Tutorials on how to use the EA Builder
  8. Create custom alerts (via email, audible, and screen alerts)
  9. Include complicated functions such as Trend lines, Support and Resistance or Time Functions
  10. Include complicated Money Management functions

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EA Builder Custom Alerts

EA Builder allows traders to transform their manual trading conditions into visual or audible alerts. This includes both the MetaTrader series of platforms (MT4 and MT5) but also TradeStation.

EA Builder supports three (3) types of alerts:

  1.  audible alerts
  2.  email alerts
  3.   pop-up window alerts


Trade any Financial Market

EA Builder can be used for developing indicators for trading on any financial market including Forex currencies, Equities (stocks and indices), Metals, Energies, Soft Commodities or even more complicated financial-traded assets such as ETFs.

How the EA Builder System Works

The EA Builder web application is designed to create complicated indicators and Forex robots in a few clicks.

Traders can transform any idea into an indicator or a fully-automated system within minutes. There is no need in hiring a programmer or having any programming skills.

-All EA Builder feature come with their own popup-tip, with a short explanation.

More Features

Traders can create complicated Custom Indicators and Functions by adding features such as:

(1)          Trade specific times of a day

(2)          Trade the duration of a position

(3)          Limit the number of executed trades

(4)           Built-in functions include support and resistance, trend lines, time and time etc.

(5)          Include Money Management techniques (MM)

Money Management via EA Builder

EA Builder offers Money management functions that are very important when you trade via Forex Robots (EAs):

• Select traded-lot size (Forex) or contract size (CFDs) or number of shares (Stocks)

• Select the Risk Ration per Trade (%)

• Apply Martingale / Anti-Martingale Strategies

• Import your Custom Money Management Function

EA Builder Video Tutorials

EA Builder provides 15 video tutorials in total that contain information for trading on MetaTrader or TradeStation. The Video Tutorials include:

• How to Create Indicators or Automated Strategies (EAs)

• Applying a Daily Breakout Trade Strategy

• Importing Pending Orders

• Trade Strategy Optimization

• Applying Money Management Functions

• Trend line Breakout Automated Entry

• Transform any custom indicator into a fully automated Forex Robot (Expert Advisor)

Free Version and Paid Version

EA Builder is a true free web application for creating custom indicators on MT4, MT5 and Tradestation.

Free EA Builder Version:

  1.  Create unlimited indicators
  2.  Video Tutorials

Paid EA Builder Version (97 USD): 

  1.  Create unlimited custom Indicators and Automated Trade Strategies (Expert Advisors)
  2.  Import Custom Money Management Functions
  3.   Unlimited Functionality for Auto-Trading
  4.  One-Time Payment of 97 USD (Lifetime Access)
  5.  Video Tutorials 

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Trader on Chart System Review

Trader on Chart System Review

Trading System: Trader on Chart

Type: Plug-in Software for Advanced 1-Click Trading

Platform: MetaTrader4

Price: 59 Euro (One-Time Fee)


Trader on Chart System Basic Review Information

The Trader On Chart is a system that plugs in MT4 and offers advanced features for one click trading. Metatrader4 is a great trading platform but anyone who has used it knows about the limitations of the Money Management control. Executing trades in wrong lot sizes is a common mistake for many MetaTrader users. Using this simple software trading via MetaTrader4 is getting easy, reliable and very fast therefore the system aims to cover the needs of short traders and especially scalpers.

Compatibility of the System

The system can be used in any trading account (4 or 5 digits) and in any broker type (ECN, STP or Market Maker). The system can trade any financial-traded instrument as long as it is offered via MT4 (Forex Currencies, Bonds, Stocks, etc).

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