Forex CashFlow System Review

Forex Cash-flow System ReviewSignal Provider: Forex CashFlow System

Trading Signals Type: Daily Signals

Manual Delivery: SMS, eMail, Pop-up

Automated Trading Option: Yes

Markets / Instruments: Forex Currencies

Signals Subscription Price: $4.95 (Trial) / $99 per month after

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Forex CashFlow Signaling Service Review

The Forex CashFlow System is a trading system designed by AME Labs. Originally the system was created as a manual trading system, but later an Expert Advisor was added, so today it offers both manual and automated trading.

Forex CashFlow Review Scam Forex CashFlow System Mechanism 

Forex CashFlow combines price action detection and money management at the same time. ForexCashFlow System includes also a trend-reversal strategy, that is designed to trade Forex majors against its other, such is Euro, US Dollar, Swiss Franc, British Pound and Japanese Yen. The system is using the ‘Targeted Balance Feature’ to define the level of risk acceptance, this feature is explained briefly below.


Forex CashFlow Features 

The Forex CashFlow System can be set up for both manual and automated trading. It is compatible and can be applied 100% on the Metatrader platform.

Forex CashFlow Review -is is a scam?(i) Manual Trading Signals

Forex CashFlow System combines results of Custom Indicators. The Standard Version of the system uses the FCS SR Alerter Indicator in order to signal trades. It can be set-up to play alert sounds, pop up alerts or send an email alert.

(ii) Automated Trading Signals

There is also a version of the system (Expert Advisor) called the Forex CashFlow System Plus, which enables traders to connect the system directly to their trading accounts and execute automated trades. MetaTrader platform is fully supported.

Forex CashFlow Profit Target Calculator

Forex CashFlow incorporates the Profit Target Calculator, which calculates the amount of initial investment needed for generating pre-determined cash-flows. Actually this calculator is a MT4 script that summarizes the profit target with the account balance to create the Target Balance. According to the Targeted Balance the system adjust automatically the size of the lot traded.

Important Recommendations:

(i) Avoid trading any other strategy on the same account you are using the Forex CashFlow. It may confuse the targeted balance.

(ii) Every time you deposit or withdraw funds from the account that Forex CashFlow is running you should always re-adjust the ‘Targeted Balance’.

Forex CashFlow Turbo Mode 

The Turbo Mode of the system is designed to increase the Target Balance after every trade you execute. That means that Turbo Mode is accepting more risk no matter if the previous trades were winners or losers.

Forex CashFlow Review ProsForex CashFlow Review Pros 

1) Offers both manual and automated trading via MT4 

2) Innovative approach combining trading indications with money management 

3) Detailed instructions how to use the system 

 Forex CashFlow Review Cons Forex CashFlow Review Cons 

1) The system aims always to achieve the Targeted Balance, if that Balance hasn’t been reached yet, then the system tend to become more and more risky by increasing the traded lot size.


How much the Forex CashFlow Costs?

Forex CashFlow System is a subscription service cost $99 per month, while there is a trial period of one month worth just $4.95.

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Forex Cash-Flow System Review

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