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1000pip Builder

1000pip Builder Review

Trading Signals Type: Intraday (2-7 trading signals)

Manual Delivery: e-Mail | SMS

Automated Trading Signals: No

Markets / Instruments: Forex Currencies

Subscription Price: $97/month + 30% discount for new members  / Free 7 day trial

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Overview of service

1000pip Builder is a Forex Signals subscription service run by a professional trader with over 10 years investment experience. Signals can be sent to you in real time by email and SMS. All the trade information is provided; entry price, stop loss and take profit level.


How 1000pip Builder Signals Work?

1000pip Builder run their own trading fund and are now allowing retail traders to follow the trades taken on this fund. The lead trader analyses the fundamental and technical aspects of the markets and whenever a trade is taken on their fund a signal will also be sent to members by email and SMS. All the important information about the trade is provided, so you can follow exactly what is happening.

The historical performance of 1000pip Builder has been strong and they aim for around 600 to 1000 pips per month.

The lead trader is very careful to manage risk and there has been minimal drawdown over this period. Stop losses are kept tight at around 60 pips and trades are usually kept open for a few hours.


Currency Pairs

1000pip Builder focuses on the major Forex pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, USDJPY). Additional trades are sometimes taken on the major FX crosses EURJPY, GBPJPY, AUDJPY, EURCHF.


Trading Signals Delivery

Trade signals can be sent by email and SMS. There are usually 2-7 signals per day. 1000 pip Builder trade for most of the day but most trades are 3-8am EST and 4-8pm EST.

Forex Signals Club Review Pros1000pip Builder Review Pros

1. Real time Forex signals

2. Strong performance

3. Email and SMS signals available

4. Easy-to-use service providing specific instructions for beginners

5. Free 7 day trial (30% discount for new members)

Forex Signals Club Review Cons1000pip Builder Review Cons

1. No Member's Area

2. Only manual signals

How much the Subscription Costs?

1000pip Builder monthly subscription usually costs $97 but there is currently a 30% discount for new members. A free 7-day trial is offered at intervals throughout the year. There are also discounts available for longer memberships: 3-month subscription cost $227, 6-month subscription cost $397 and 1-year subscription cost $697.

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XScalper Review – Forex Scalping Signals

XScalper is an MT4 Forex scalping indicator (M1/M5 charts)


□ Name: XScalper

□ Type: Trading Signals MT4 Indicator

□ Assets: Any Forex Pair

□ Charts:  M1 and M5

□ Price: $147 (one-time)

□ License: One (1) Live Account (Demo Account Support)

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XScalper Review

XScalper is an MT4 indicator developed by Karl Dittmann, a Forex professional trader. XScalper identifies scalping trades on M1/M5. The identification algorithm analyzes all Forex pairs (majors, minors, and exotics) in any market conditionsXScalper is designed as a very easy-to-use system in order to fit the needs of semi-advanced and even beginners Forex traders.

Forex Trendy System XScalper Trading Signals

XScalper runs exclusively on MT4 and focuses on M1/M5 timeframes. The indicator works 24/5 and aims to spot strong trends and their entry/exit points. The system recognizes potential trades and makes them visual to the user. The trading orders are placed manually.

XScalper includes the following modules:

(i) Conservative Trading (Low Risk)

(ii) Medium Trading (Medium Risk), and

(iii) Aggressive Trading (High Risk)


XScalper costs $147 (one-time) for 1 Live Account license and a Demo License. The indicator package includes a full user guide, which explains how the XScalper can optimize its performance. XScalper offers also 24/7 customer support.

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XScalper Review

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Binary Options Signals Review


Binary Provider: Binary Options Trading Signals

Signals Type: Manual Binary Options Signals

Delivery: Trading Signals via Live Trading Room (Video Streaming with Audio)

Signals Frequency: 3-4 Trading Signals per Day

Markets / Instruments: Forex and other Markets

Subscription Cost: 97USD (2 weeks) 

» Binary Options Signals

Binary Options Signals Review

The “Binary Options Trading Signals” subscription service is an innovative signaling service offering live streaming video. You may watch professional traders live in High-Quality video with full audio. The advantage is that you may learn as you trade. The Binary Options Signals are specialized in Forex Trading (EURUSD and other pairs) but you may find also stock-trading signals for popular shares, especially US stocks (Google, Apple etc).

Categories of Trading Signals

The Binary Options Signals Offer four categories of Trading Signals:

(1) One-Minute Options

(2) 15-Min Binary Options

(3) 30-Min Binary Options

(4) Touch and No-Touch Options

Binary Options Trading Signals SystemHow Binary Options Trading Signals Works?

This is a live-stream signaling service. Subscribers are able to watch professional traders while they are receiving trading ideas. In addition, there is a chatting service allowing subscribers to chat live with other. The Binary Options Signals are specialized in Forex Trading (EURUSD and other pairs) but you may find also stock-trading signals.

Binary Options Signals Delivery

The delivery of the trading signals is live via HD video and audio stream from 9:30 AM  EST to 11:30 AM EST. Traders may follow the stream live via their PC or their iPhone Mobile (Photon Browser).

Binary Options Trading Signals Features

(i) 3-5 Daily Trading Signals

(ii) Trading via Audio Live-Streaming (PC & iPhone)

(iii) Trading using comments of professional traders

(iv) Everyday Sessions (9:30-EST AM to 11:30-EST AM)

Binary Options Trading Signals Review ProsBinary Options Signals Review Pros

(1) Live-Stream Trading using Comments of Professional Traders

(2) Learn and Trade Approach via HD and audio

(3) Full Trading Transparency

(4) Frequent Trading Signals (3-5 Intraday trading signals)

(5) Trading signals of multiple expiries (60sec to 30 Minutes) plus Touch / No-Touch Options

(6) Charting Capabilities

(7) No-Need for Downloads and Installations

(8) Supports Mobile Trading (via iPhone)

(9) Social Trading Capabilities (Live Chat)

(10) Traders may ask questions and receive answers from pros

Binary Options Trading Signals Review ConsBinary Options Signals Review Cons

(1) Relative Expensive Signaling Subscription Service

(2) The live-stream trading requires a lot of spare time and commitment

How Much the Binary Options Trading Signals Cost? 

Binary Options Trading Signals service costs 97 USD for 2 weeks of full subscription.


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Binary Options Trading Signals Review

Forex Trendy Trading Signals


Signals  Provider: Forex Trendy

Signals Type: Trend & Breakout Scanner

Delivery: Sound & eMail Signals

Signals Frequency: Daily Signals

Markets / Instruments: 34 Forex Currencies

Subscription Cost: 37 USD (3-Months) 

» Forex Trendy

Forex Trendy Review

The Forex Trendy is a Trend Scanner that can be used on any trading platform such is MetaTrader-4, Trade-Station and Ninja-Trader platform.

Forex Trendy Trading Signals Delivery

The generated signals are delivered via Mail and Sound Alerts while subscribers gain access to the Forex Trendy members’ area.

When you log-in to the members’ area for the first time you may see the 3 primary charts showing the highest trending currencies at the time.

Forex Trendy SystemHow the Forex Trendy System Works?

The Forex Trendy System is a pure Price Action Trend Scanner without the use of any indicator. The system is able to scan up to 34 Forex pairs at the same time on charts from 1-Minute to 1-Month. It may scan even exotic currency pairs such is USD/HDK and USD/NOK. The Forex Trendy package includes a 30-page eBook explaining how the trend-scanning works.

Forex Trendy Characteristics

■ Recognizes Break-Outs

■ Scanning Multiple Time Frames

■ Scans Triangles, Flags, Wedges and Trend Lines

■ Provides quick analysis view / Customize your Trend-Watching

■ It warns traders about unstable patterns

■ eMail and Sound Alerts available

■ Members Area with brief Forex Analysis

Forex Trendy Algorithm

The Forex Trendy Algorithm is designed to scan 306 charts at the same time. And that means 34 currency pairs X 9 time frames. Although the algorithm’s complexity, traders may use the Forex Trendy on minimum computer requirements (web-based analysis). Review ProsForex Trendy Review Pros

  1. User Friendly Interface (suitable even for Forex beginners)
  2. May be used on multiple platforms (MetaTrader-4, Trade-Station, Ninja-Trader etc.)
  3. One of the lowest subscription cost in the industry (37 USD for 3-months)
  4. Scans 34 Pairs in Multiple Time Frames
  5. Break-Out Pattern Recognition
  6. Live-Chart Analysis (Continuously Updated)
  7. Cloud-Computing Software (Minimum Requirements in PC power) Review ConsForex Trendy Review Cons

  1. It doesn’t offer automated-trading

Forex Trendy Review Conclusion

Forex Trendy is an ideal tool for Forex Beginners and semi-advanced traders. It is can be easily understood and be used in multiple platforms. It covers a great number of Forex Pairs in a great variety of time-frames and that means that the broad area of scanning is very wide, that is good. Keep in mind that Forex Trendy doesn’t require a high-performance PC but it does require a good internet connection so that charts are updated in real time

How Much the Forex Trendy Costs? 

Forex Trendy costs 37 USD for 3 months subscription. Full access to member area.


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■ Forex Trendy Review

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