Dukascopy Bank Rebate

The 20% Dukascopy Bank Forex Trading Rebate
(Introducing Agent : Dukascopy Bank 8410 - Dukascopy Europe 8411)

"Join this 20% Forex Rebate Plan and gain profits simply from trading volumes"

Trade Forex with the Lowest Spread (EURUSD at 0.20-0.40 pip)

Dukascopy is offering a great Trading Deal. You can trade Forex and get back a huge rebate of 20% based on the commissions you pay each time you trade. By opening a trading account on Dukascopy Bank you may trade EUR/USD at 0.25-0.40 pip spread and get back rebates. Dukascopy Bank is a High-Regulated Swiss ECN Forex Broker offering very competitive trading conditions. It is considered one of the best ECN brokers in the Forex Market.
"Note that you can claim a 10% Equity Bonus instead of this 20% volume-based trading rebate"
Joining this Great 20% Rebate Program in Easy Steps

If you are ready to open an ECN Forex account it is very simple to join this 20% Dukascopy Rebate Program. Keep in mind that US residents are excluded and that the minimum deposit in Dukascopy Europe is $100 and at the Dukascopy Bank is $5,000. 

In order to join the 20% Dukascopy Rebate Program you need to follow all the next steps:

-(1): Visit the broker using this link: Register here an Account at Dukascopy

-(2): In the new window you can fill the Registration Form

-(3): Application for the 20% Rebate Plan can be submitted directly from the Dukascopy platform, Portfolio menuMy Account report.

That's it, you have now joined the 20% Cash-Back Rebate Plan, you can now trade Forex and receive back rebates.


Dukascopy traders can apply for the 20% Rebate Program within 30 days since they made a deposit on their account.

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ECN Forex Broker: Who is Dukascopy

Dukascopy is a Swiss Bank licensed and regulated by the Swiss Ministry of Economics and by the European Union. The domestic Swiss standards of operating as a Forex Broker are very high and that makes Dukascopy Bank one of the most credible Forex Brokers in the world. Stable trading technology and reliable order execution without delays are also the key advantages when trading on Dukascopy Bank.
Trading Platforms:
Dukascopy Bank offers traders a wide variety of trading platforms to choose. It offers also the automated and self-developed JForex Platform.
Online Platforms include:
1. MetaTrader 4 Platform
2. JForex Trading platform for automated trading
3. Dukascopy Web Trading Platform (No installation required)
4. Dukascopy Java Trading Platform
5. Mobile Trading Platforms for Apple IPad and IPhone
6. A Zulu Trading Platform may also be adapted
JForex Automated Trading
Automatic Cash Rebates
Very low trading spreads, 1:300 max leverage and allowing Scalping
√ Great Forex asset index
Equal liquidity and equal prices for all clients
No manipulations (on pricing and on executions)
State-of-the-art automated technology (using JForex) with a strong community of Expert Advisors
Organizes Forex Trading Championship for developers (annually)
High Market Liquidity (100 to 200 mio on Major Currencies)

Note: US residents are not accepted.

How you can make profits from your trading volumes

Let's assume for example that a trader opens a new account by deposit $5,000 on Dukascopy. The 20% cash rebate means that the trader take advantage of a 20% Discount per Roundtrip LOT traded.

1. What are the Returns from the Cash Back Rebate in a month?
1 traded pip is usually equal to an average of 10 USD. An account of $5,000 will turn about 100 LOTs per month.
So Dukascopy Bank Cash Rebate for that particular month would be: 10 USD x 100 LOTs x 0.20 Rebate = 200 USD

2. What are the Returns from the Cash Back Rebate in a year?
Based on 200 USD monthly rebate, the annual Dukascopy Cash Rebate will reach 2,400 USD {200 USD X 12 months}.

Dukascopy 10% Equity Bonus Plan

Dukascopy offers also 10% Equity Bonus up to $50,000

Dukascopy offers its clients a bonus amount of 10% of the trader's account equity. All bonuses must be covered by volume 30,000 X Total Equity in order to be withdrawn.

The maximum bonus amount that a trader can claim is $50,000. 


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Dukascopy 20% Cash Rebate Plan
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