What is a Forex VPS and Free Forex VPS Hosting

Virtual Forex Hosting (VPS)

What is VPS?

VPS means Virtual Private Server and it is actually an internet service sold by a hosting provider. A VPS operates as a virtual machine offering a CPU, some RAM, a hard disk, and an operating system. That combination of hardware/software can be accessed and used by any other computer via the internet.

  • What is a Forex VPS for?

Forex traders have the opportunity to host their trading applications in this virtual machine by gaining speed, reliability, and unstoppable operation on a 24-hour basis. A Forex VPS is the ideal solution for currency traders who intend to implement fully-automated Forex trade strategies 24 hours a day. Renting a virtual server ensures the uninterrupted operation of an Expert Advisor (trading robots) or a signal subscription.

Free VPS Hosting by Regulated Forex Brokers

As automated trading becomes very popular, there are quite a few Forex Brokers offering free VPS hosting to their clients.

Table: Compare ECN/STP Forex Brokers offering a Free VPS





■ Founded: 2005
■ Regulation:

  • FCA UK (License 579202)
  • FSP New Zeeland (License 192685)

■ Min. Account: $10

■ Leverage: 1/30

Free VPS Conditions

  • A free VPS for 1 month
  • Maintain equity of USD 5000 in your accounts
  • Or have traded volumes of 100 standard lot per calendar month

■ Best Spread EURUSD:

  • 1.5 Pip spread (No commissions)

Number of currency pairs: 70+

  • A wide variety of Forex pairs (70+)

■ Founded: 2009

■ Regulation:

  • FSCL New Zealand

■ Min. Account: $10

■ Leverage: 1/30

Free VPS Conditions

  • A free VPS only if your trading account exceeds 300 USD
  • You need 3 standard lot monthly volume
■ Best Spread EURUSD:
  • 1.3 pips (No commissions) 
■ Number of currency pairs: 40+
  • Fair spreads, fast execution, tight slippage
  • Very vast withdrawals via internet wallets


AXI Forex

 Founded: 2007
  • ASIC Australia (AFSL-318232)
  • FCA UK (509746) 

 Min. Account:

$10 and $1000 for Pro account

 Leverage: 1/30

Free VPS Conditions

  • Axi credits 35 USD of the Forex VPS value for all customers trading over 20 lots in monthly volumes

 Best Spread EURUSD:

  • 0.0 Pip plus $7.0 per lot commissions

■ Number of currency pairs: 50+

  • Tight trading spreads and 50+ Forex pairs


 Founded: 2005
  • ASIC Australia (416279)
  • FSC BVI (SIBA/L/14/1068)

 Min. Account:

$50 and $1000 for ECN account

 Leverage: 1/30

Free VPS Conditions

  • No latency
  • Compatibility with all Operating Systems
  • High Data Rate Exchange between remote and main servers accessible anytime

 Best Spread EURUSD:

  • 0.1 Pip plus $6.0 per lot commissions

■ Number of currency pairs: 45+

  • ECN processing via access to 20 Interbank liquidity providers

  • Tight trading spreads

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Founded: 2011
  • CySEC (185/12)
  • FCA UK (777911)

Min. Account:

$5 and $500 for ECN account

Leverage: 1/30

Free VPS Conditions

  • A VPS free of charge to clients who maintain an account balance of USD 5,000
  • Provider - Fozzy
    -Netherlands DC ~ 3ms latency
    -Germany DC ~ 12ms latency:

Best Spread EURUSD:

  • 0.1 Pip plus $4.0 per lot commissions

Number of currency pairs: 50+

  • Tight spreads and a wide Forex asset index

Founded: 2009
  • CRFIN (No 009069697)

Min. Account: $1

Leverage: 1/30, and up to 1/1000

Free VPS Conditions

  • Make a one-time deposit of at least $450
  • VPS-service is free of charge only during the first month of use
  • The service will remain free if you trade at least 3 standard lots within the previous month

Best Spread EURUSD:

  • 1.1 Pips (No commissions) 

Number of currency pairs: 55+

  • Specialized in Asian Traders

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Advantages of a Forex VPS

There are major advantages when using virtual hosting:

  • Open/close positions while your computer is switched off
  • You can use Expert Advisors (robots) and copy-trading signals 24x7x365
  • The trading process is safe against potential hardware failures (for example, loss of internet connection or power outage)
  • Minimizes network latency (if the VPS is based closer to your broker’s servers)
  • Access the VPS remotely, which is especially important for those who travel frequently
  • Easy scalability, as you can start with a basic configuration and add more hardware resources later
  • Ability to easily create backups of your configuration


Important Variables When Selecting a Forex VPS

These are some key points:

  • Availability of Hardware Resources (CPU, Memory, etc.)
  • Location (It is essential that the VPS is located close to your Forex broker’s servers)
  • Performance (Latency, etc.)
  • Compatibility (With the trading platform)
  • Reliability (Over 99.99% uptime)
  • Price (Depending on your budget)
  • Flexibility (Availability of different plans)
  • Scaling (Ability to upgrade in the future)



What is a Forex VPS and Free Forex VPS Hosting


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