XScalper Review

XScalper Review – Intraday Forex Scalping Signals

XScalper is an MT4 Forex scalping indicator (M1/M5 charts)

□ Name: XScalper

□ Type: Trading Signals MT4 Indicator

□ Assets: Any Forex Pair

□ Charts: M1 and M5

□ Price: $147 (one-time)

□ License: One (1) Live Account (Demo Account Support)

XScalper Review

XScalper is an MT4 indicator developed by Karl Dittmann, a Forex professional trader. The indicator identifies scalping trades on M1/M5. The identification algorithm analyzes all Forex pairs (majors, minors, and exotics) in any market conditions. XScalper is designed as a very easy-to-use system in order to fit the needs of semi-advanced and even beginners Forex traders.

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Forex Trendy System XScalper Trading Signals

XScalper runs exclusively on MT4 and focuses on M1/M5 timeframes. The indicator works 24/5 and aims to spot strong trends and their entry/exit points. The system recognizes potential trades and makes them visual to the user. The trading orders are placed manually.

XScalper includes the following three (3) modules:

(i) Conservative Trading (Low Risk)

  • Safety = High
  • Trend Reversal Detection = Optimal

(ii) Medium Trading (Medium Risk)

  • Signals FREQUENCY = HIGH
  • Safety = Average Trend
  • Reversal Detection = Fast

(iii) Aggressive Trading (High Risk)

  • Safety = Low Trend
  • Reversal Detection = Maximum


How to use the XScalper MT4 Indicator

The indicator is user-friendly, here are some steps:

1. Attach “X Scalper” to the chart

2. Enter on a BUY or a SELL signal

3. Set up a recommended Stop Loss

4. Exit as soon as a new signal is generated

XScalper offers also a full user guide and 24/7 customer support.



XScalper Review Conclusions

XScalper is an easy-to-use MT4 indicator which costs $147 (one-time) for 1 Live Account license and a Demo License. The algorithm inside the indicator is designed to scalp trades on M1/M5 charts. There are also three (3) available risk levels (Low/Medium/High). The package includes a full user guide, which explains how to optimize the XScalper's performance. This is an indicator for Forex beginners, advanced traders should better search for another trading system.

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XScalper Review




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