Trader on Chart Review

The trader on Chart System Review

Trading System: Trader on Chart

Type: Plug-in Software for Advanced 1-Click Trading

Platform: MetaTrader4

Price: 59 Euro (One-Time Fee)


The trader on Chart System Basic Review Information

The Trader On Chart is a system that plugs in MT4 and offers advanced features for one-click trading. Metatrader4 is a great trading platform but anyone who has used it knows about the limitations of the Money Management control. Executing trades in wrong lot sizes is a common mistake for many MetaTrader users. Using this simple software trading via MetaTrader4 is getting easy, reliable and very fast, therefore, the system aims to cover the needs of short traders and especially scalpers.

Compatibility of the System

The system can be used in any trading account (4 or 5 digits) and in any broker type (ECN, STP or Market Maker). The system can trade any financial-traded instrument as long as it is offered via MT4 (Forex Currencies, Bonds, Stocks, etc).

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Trader on Chart System Main Features

Here are the basic Characteristics of Trader on Chart System:

(1) Advanced 1-Click Trading for MT4

(2) Automate Money Management with speed and precision

(3) Saves time and avoids common mistakes

(4) Place automatic trailing stops simultaneously in many Forex pairs

(5) Trade any financial instrument (Forex Currencies, Bonds, Stocks, Indices etc).

(6) Runs on any Account Type, trading Forex in 4 or 5 digits

(7) Offers Customized Settings (lot size, etc)

(8) Easy-to-install and easy-to-use (Auto Detects MT4 installation)

(9) Online Customer Service via website and email

(10) Lifetime use and free updates for 1 year


How Trader on Chart System Works?

Trader-On-Chart aims to fully automate the Money Management process of any trader, no matter his trading style and his level of experience. Traders can fully customize their trading experience via parameters such as risk, lot size etc. Traders can enjoy other advanced features such is placing automatic trailing stops in many Forex pairs at the same time.


Examples using the System

Here is how the Trader-On-Chart System works:

Example-1: A trader wishes to open a short position on EURAUD that counts exactly 5% of his available funds, at the same time he wishes to place a stop-loss order of 35 pips and a take-profit order of 85 pips. The Trader-On-Chart plug-in allows this process to be completed instantly by filling the parameters and just pressing the green Execute Button.

Example-2: A trader wishes to open a long position on USDTRY worth exactly $2,000. He wishes also to place a stop-loss exactly at the previous periodic low (lowest point level of the previous bar). Trader-On-Chart allows this trade to be executed with precision with a few clicks.


The trader on Chart System Review Conclusion

The trader on Chart System is a very useful plug-n for MetaTrader users. The system can fully automate the Money Management process of any trade with speed and accuracy. Trader-on-chart is fully compatible with any Forex broker and any account type. The Trader-on-Chart is an ideal solution for short and intraday traders. The system costs 59 Euro for one-time purchase and lifetime use.

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The trader on Chart System Review

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