BitCoin Robot Review

Bitcoin Robot Review –Automated Bitcoin Trader

Robot’s Name: Bitcoin Robot

Robot’s Platform: Bitcoin Robot Platform

Robot’s Type: Bitcoin Automatic Trader

Price: $149 Basic Plan (two more plans)

A Few Words about BitCoin

Actually, BitCoin is a Peer-to-Peer Digital currency system that is accepted by more and more providers in the world, as a payment method. What also characterizes BitCoin is its extreme volatility when it is priced against classic Forex currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, etc). High fluctuations are providing trading opportunities and that is exactly what the BitCoin Robot is developed to do, take advantage of BitCoin’s extreme volatility.

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Installing the Bitcoin Robot

The Bitcoin Robot may be used either:

1) In common Windows-based PCs (installed)

2) Hosted in a VPS at the member’s area (no installation required running –visualize in Browser)


Bitcoin Robot –How it Works?

The Bitcoin Robot is designed as an automated system of exploiting BitCoin price inefficiencies and taking advantage of extreme fluctuations during the daily BitCoin’s trading activity. You can start using the system with as low as 100USD in your account.

Volatility Matters

The greater the volatility of the BitCoin currency is the higher opportunity for the BitCoin Robot to trade it. Bitcoin Robot is able to analyze daily price action in real-time and ‘fill’ the gaps between buyers and sellers. The system actually trades inefficiencies between the BitcCoin’s demand and supply levels. According to the system’s developers, the BitCoin robot can perform extremely well during volatile months when the distance between ask and bid gets maximized.

Non-Leveraged Trading

In contrast with common Forex trading systems, the BitCoin Robot doesn’t use trading leverage at all. The BitCoin currency is so volatile itself that leverage is practically useless and would add more risk. Therefore you are trading simply your funds and that is a factor that stabilizes the extremely risky nature of the BitCoin currency trading.

Avoiding Limitations in Liquidity

The available liquidity when trading BitCoin has nothing to do with Forex Market’s liquidity. Consequently, if a lot of BitCoin Robot’s users started to trade at the same time then this situation could lead to overloading liquidity. This problem is solved as the system uses stealth technology which allows separation of different traders. That means that every trader can use this Robot independently.



Bitcoin Robot’s Main Trading Features

Here are some important trading features of the Bitcoin Robot:

(1) Trading BitCoin currency 24/7, 365 days per year

(2) Choose between installing the system on your PC or using the free VPS hosting service (Gold and Platinum plans only)

(3) The BitCoin Robot can trade as a pure Auto-Pilot

(4) Ability to trade with as low as 100USD

(5) The BitCoin Robot can trade any BitCoin’s market conditions

(6) Not-Using Trading Leverage (risk stabilization)

(7) Stealth technology allowing the separation of similar trades and the avoidance of the market’s liquidity overloading

(8) Connect to your account via API keys (Only the user can withdraw funds the robot has access only to trade)

(9) No trading commissions charged and no profit sharing with the developers

(10) Platinum clients get also the LiteCoin Robot for free and unlimited VPS hosting


Pricing Plans

The BitCoin robot can be purchased for 149USD in its basic plan, but there are two more plans:

(i) Silver Basic Plan: 149USD

(ii) Gold Plan: 248 USD (1 year Free VPS)

(iii) Platinum Plan: 498 USD (Unlimited Free VPS and LiteCoin Robot for Free)


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The BitCoin Robot -BitCoin Automatic Trader Review



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