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HY Markets ReviewHYCM Review -STP Broker

HYCM (HY MARKETS) is a good choice for Forex beginners and Forex advanced traders, but not for Forex scalpers. The great advantage when trading with HYCM is reliability and the absolute safety of invested capital.


According to the Forex Rating Formula v5.0, HYCM has performed 72.1%.

You can find the full Rating Review here: HYCM Full Rating Review

1. Safety of Trading Funds 28.00 27.82 99.4%
2. Cost of Trading 28.00 12.00 42.9%
3. Trading Options 28.00 19.75 70.5%
4. Trading Technology 16.00 12.50 78.1%
Overall HYCM Rating 100.00 72.08 72.1%









HYCM Live Accounts

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Compare PAMM Forex Accounts

What Means PAMM?

The Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) is a technical solution allowing Forex traders to have their accounts managed by professionals. Check below for more information about PAMM Accounts.

How Does The PAMM System Work?

Usually, a PAMM system operates as follows:

(1) A Fund Manager opens a PAMM Account in a Forex Brokerage Company.

(2) The Fund Manager sets a) The minimum amount for traders that will participate in the PAMM account, and b) The success fee paid from the participant traders.

(3) The Fund Manager becomes listed in a Forex Broker’s PAMM list.

(4) Traders after selecting the Fund Manager can participate in the PAMM Account by accepting the underlying conditions (success fee)

(5) At the end of a predefined period (usually a month), Fund Managers are paid a success fee based on their performance.

Note: Traders can withdraw their profits and/or funds anytime. Fund Managers on the other hand can not withdraw their client funds in any way.

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Dukascopy Rebate

The 30% Dukascopy Europe Forex Trading Rebate (1st month of trading)
(Introducing Agent: 8411)
"Join this 30% Forex Rebate Plan and gain profits simply from trading volumes"

Trade Forex with the Lowest Spread (EURUSD at 0.20-0.40 pip)
Dukascopy is offering a great Trading Deal. You can trade Forex and get back a huge rebate of 30% based on the commissions you pay each time you trade for the 1st month of your trading activity. By opening a trading account with Dukascopy Europe you may trade EUR/USD at 0.25-0.40 pip spread and get back rebates. Dukascopy Europe is a High-Regulated Swiss ECN Forex Broker offering very competitive trading conditions. It is considered one of the best ECN brokers in the Forex Market.
"Note that you can claim als a 10% Equity Bonus plus the 30% volume-based trading rebate for the 1st month of trading"
Joining the 30% Rebate Program in Easy Steps

If you are ready to open an ECN Forex account it is very simple to join this 30% Dukascopy Rebate Program. Keep in mind that US residents are excluded and that the minimum deposit in Dukascopy Europe is $100

In order to join the 30% Dukascopy Rebate Program you need to follow all the next steps:

-(1): Visit the broker using this link: Register here an Account at Dukascopy

-(2): In the new window you can fill the Registration Form

-(3)Application for the 30% Rebate Plan can be submitted directly from the Dukascopy platform, Portfolio menuMy Account report.

That's it, you have now joined the 30% Cash-Back Rebate Plan, you can now trade Forex and receive back rebates. You will receive a 30% rebate for your 1st month of trading.


Dukascopy traders can apply for the 30% Rebate Program within 30 days since they made a deposit on their account.

Other Trading Rebates: » HotForex Trading Rebate

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