Forex Trendy Review


Signals Provider: Forex Trendy

Signals Type: Trend & Breakout Scanner

Delivery: Sound & eMail Signals

Signals Frequency: Daily Signals

Markets / Instruments: 34 Forex Currencies

Subscription Cost: 37 USD (3-Months) 

Forex Trendy Full Review

The Forex Trendy is a Trend Scanner that can be used on any trading platform such as MetaTrader-4, Trade-Station, and Ninja-Trader platform.

Forex Trendy Trading Signals Delivery

The generated signals are delivered via Mail and Sound Alerts while subscribers gain access to the Forex Trendy members’ area.

When you log-in to the members’ area for the first time you may see the 3 primary charts showing the highest trending currencies at the time.

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Forex Trendy System How the Forex Trendy System Works?

The Forex Trendy System is a pure Price Action Trend Scanner without the use of any indicator. The system is able to scan up to 34 Forex pairs at the same time on charts from 1-Minute to 1-Month. It may scan even exotic currency pairs such as USD/HDK and USD/NOK. The Forex Trendy package includes a 30-page eBook explaining how the trend-scanning works.

Forex Trendy Characteristics

■ Recognizes Break-Outs

■ Scanning Multiple Time Frames

■ Scans Triangles, Flags, Wedges, and Trendlines

■ Provides quick analysis view / Customize your Trend-Watching

■ It warns traders about unstable patterns

■ eMail and Sound Alerts available

■ Members Area with brief Forex Analysis

Forex Trendy Algorithm

The Forex Trendy Algorithm is designed to scan 306 charts at the same time. And that means 34 currency pairs X 9 timeframes. Although the algorithm’s complexity, traders may use the Forex Trendy on minimum computer requirements (web-based analysis). Review ProsForex Trendy Review Pros

  1. User-Friendly Interface (suitable even for Forex beginners)
  2. May be used on multiple platforms (MetaTrader-4, Trade-Station, Ninja-Trader etc.)
  3. One of the lowest subscription cost in the industry (37 USD for 3-months)
  4. Scans 34 Pairs in Multiple Time Frames
  5. Break-Out Pattern Recognition
  6. Live-Chart Analysis (Continuously Updated)
  7. Cloud-Computing Software (Minimum Requirements in PC power) Review ConsForex Trendy Review Cons

  1. It doesn’t offer automated-trading

Forex Trendy Review Conclusion

Forex Trendy is an ideal tool for Forex Beginners and semi-advanced traders. It is can be easily understood and be used in multiple platforms. It covers a great number of Forex Pairs in a great variety of time-frames and that means that the broad area of scanning is very wide, that is good. Keep in mind that Forex Trendy doesn’t require a high-performance PC but it does require a good internet connection so that charts are updated in real time

How Much the Forex Trendy Costs?

Forex Trendy costs 37 USD for 3 months subscription. Full access to the member area.


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 Forex Trendy Review



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