Compare Automated Trading Platforms

  • What is a Trading Platform?

A trading platform is a software application that enables traders to open, close, and alter positions through a financial broker. A trading platform can be either a web-based application or software installed on desktop/mobile devices. Most trading platforms are free software, but in some cases, platform providers or brokers may charge a fee.

  • What is Automated Trading?

Automated trading is a method of trading the global financial markets based on a combination of computer software and hardware. Automated trading is a sophisticated branch of systematic trading and all automated trading systems are systematic.

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Table: Compare Automated Forex Trading Platforms







■ Free Platform

■ MQL-5 Language

■ Forex and Futures

■ API Trading

■ Trading from Charts and 79 Analytical Tools

■ Strategy Tester using Historical Data

■ Full-Featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Many Available Robots:

» WallStreet Robot


■ Becoming Popular

■ Able to open 100 Charts at the same time

■ Trading from Charts

■ Trading Championships

■ Advanced Charting and 21 Time Frames


MetaTrader5 Review

StrategyQuant for Algorithmic Traders

■ Paid {after a 14-day trial period}

■ Create Algorithmic Strategies

■ Find and Modify Already-made Strategies

■ Compatible with MT4, Tradestation, and NinjaTrader

■ Trading any Market in any Chart

■ Advanced Strategy Tester and optimization

Customized Algo Forex Robots

■ No Need for Programming Skills

■ Very advanced for algorithmic trading

■ Full tutorials, forums, and customer support

■ Multi-level Optimization and Backtesting in Random Conditions

StrategyQuant Review

■ Free Platform

■ MQL-4 Language

■ Forex and Futures

■ Full-Cycle Platform enables API trading

■ Trading from Charts

■ Strategy Tester using Historical Data

■ Advanced Charting

Hundreds of Available Robots:

» EA Builder

» WallStreet Robot

» Forex Diamond

■ Most Popular Platform

■ Reliable Trading (Forex and CFDs)

■ Hundreds of Brokers and Programmers

■ Hundreds of Free Indicators

■ Trading Championships

MetaTrader4 Review

NinJaTrader Review

■ Paid Platform

■ Forex, Stocks, and Futures

■ SuperDOM Feature (Single click order entry, modification, and cancellation)

■ Advanced Analytics

■ Strategy Tester using Historical Data and Trading Simulator

■ Trading from Charts

Many Expert Advisors are available

■ Very User-Friendly Environment

■ Excellent Chart Capabilities

■ Supported by many brokers

■ 300 Commercially Developed add-ons (strategies and indicators)

■ Display Forex Market Depth

NinJaTrader Review

■ Free Platform

■ Offering Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and Manual Trading

■ T-Score (Strategy Scoring Method)

Many Expert Advisors are available

■ Portfolio Risk Management offering advanced stop-losses

■ Live market trends and deep analysis.

■ Indicators, oscillators plus chart studies are easily available

■ 33 Forex Brokers Support the MirrorTrader

Mirror Trader Review

■ Free Platform

■ 180 Indicators

■ Automated Strategy Visualization and Back-Testing

■ Client Bridge with MT5

■ API Trading

Many Expert Advisors are available

■ Full Market Depth Option

■ Individual Bids and Offers are placed directly

■ Historical Tests based on Real Tick Data

■ Trading Championships

JForex Platform Review


These are the minimum requirements for building a successful automated trading system:

  1. Dedicated ECN trading account (offering competitive pricing)
  2. Personal Computer (minimum 5 cores, 8 GB Ram, 300GB HD)
  3. Fast and reliable internet connection
  4. An Automated Trading platform (usually it’s free)
  5. Installing an Expert Advisor (commercial or custom-made)
  6. VPS Service (generally offers better and more reliable results)
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Compare Forex Automated Platforms
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