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-Building, Backtesting, and Optimizing Automated Strategies (StrategyQuant Platform Review)

The building, developing, researching, and backtesting Algo trading strategies with a click of a button.

Strategy Quant is an advanced strategy building platform that is able to backtest and optimize automated strategies using a very unique and sophisticated framework. There is no need for programming skills and any automated strategy can be saved in MetaTrader, TradeStation, or NinjaTrader formats.

  • Building thousands of different automated strategies, from scratch
  • Selecting an existing strategy (a wide variety of built-in strategies)
  • Backtesting and optimizing automated strategies using several different tools and techniques

The Strategy Quant Website

 StrategyQuant How StrategyQuant Works

StrategyQuant provides the tools of professional quants and hedge funds in order to create a portfolio of trading strategies in a quantified way. These are the main features of StrategyQuant.

StrategyQuant Basic Features:

  • Automated-strategy building without programming skills
  • Supports MetaTrader, TradeStation, and NinjaTrader platforms
  • Includes more than 40 indicators, patterns, candlesticks, etc.
  • 4 modes (building, re-testing, improvement, optimization)
  • Hundreds of existing strategies covering every trading style
  • 4 entry orders, 7 output orders, and the intelligent stop loss
  • Enter at Market, Stop, Limit, Reverse, Adaptive SL and PT, Trailing stops

Advanced Backtesting

StrategyQuant offer traders the ability to generate and backtest thousands of different entry and exit conditions, order types and price levels, to find best performing automated strategies according to special criteria (i.e. Return vs Drawdown, Sharpe ratio, etc.).

  • Automated backtesting based on a wide variety of parameters
  • Using randomness to test a strategy in any market conditions
  • Ideal re-optimization process (includes two separate modules for the job)
  • Robustness testing (evaluate the best strategies on any timeframe)

Walk-Forward Optimization

  • Monte Carlo techniques for testing the quality of automated strategies (Monte Carlo testing allows you to find out if a trading strategy has the potential for a stable profit when trading real money)
  • Building and re-testing strategies for a different market or timeframe (add other conditions and optimize it)
  • Wide options for filtering strategies (Determine what you expect from the strategy, how much it should earn, what the maximum risk is, profit factor, and other indicators)
  • Built-in walk-forward optimizer and cluster analysis tools (This tool allows you to find out what results the strategy has when optimized regularly and finds the ideal time period for which to optimize the parameters)


StrategyQuant Review ProsStrategyQuant Review Pros

  1. Advance strategy building via a very user-friendly interface, and hundreds of built-in strategies
  2. Four (4) modes (building, re-testing, improvement, optimization)
  3. The exported files may be used on multiple platforms (MetaTrader-4, Trade-Station, Ninja-Trader)
  4. Includes more than 40 indicators, patterns, candlesticks, etc.
  5. Automated backtesting using randomness and based on a wide variety of parameters
  6. Built-in walk-forward optimizer plus many other optimization tools (Monte Carlo etc.)

StrategyQuant Review ConsStrategyQuant Review Cons

  1. The basic license costs 1,290 USD


Free Trial

Use the following link to get a 14-day free fully-functional trial for Strategy Quant:

Get the StrategyQuant 14-Day Free Fully Functional Trial from here...



StrategyQuant -Automated Trading Strategy Building



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