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Lady F Trader Managed Accounts Review

'Lady F Trading and Investing' is owned by Inna Rosputnia who has been in the trading business since 2009. She is a self-made millionaire who specializes in portfolio management and financial planning. Inna manages accounts for individual and corporate clients (high-profile and otherwise) and aims to provide financial independence to her clients through her expertise and knowledge in advanced trading strategies.

Inna Rosputnia’s trading and investment philosophies are based on extensive academic research and she is passionate about increasing the wealth and well-being of her clients by helping them invest smartly. The mission of this accomplished and proficient trader is to empower women, provide them financial freedom, and to prove to the world that investment and trading are as much for women as it is for men. Inna Rosputnia, also known as Lady F Trader, is a trusted and respectable name in the field of investment and trading because of her deep commitment to the success and growth of her clients. Everybody who has worked or is working with her has positive things to say about her.

Awards and Accomplishments

Inna was nominated in Women in Finance Awards in 2016 and her hard-work has bagged her the ‘Leading Innovator in Wealth Management’ and ‘Most Outstanding Woman in Finance 2019’ awards so far, with the promise of more to come. She was also represented as ‘Wall Street got its youngest Queen who embodies the mind and the spirit of the individual trader’ at the Women Economic Forum. She is a trader, philanthropist, investor and an activist of human rights and gender equity, and the author of ‘Basic Instinct of Trader. How I turned $10,000 into $3,000,000’.

Her articles, interviews, and insights have been published in most major finance and trade magazines and newspapers. She also runs an active blog dedicated to trading and investment on her official website and an active YouTube channel, Lady F TV, serving the same purpose. Inna has a social media presence on all major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Growth in Recent Years as a Trader

Over the past few years, Inna Rosputnia has managed to generate $3,000,000 from $10,000 from trading and investment, and she is currently managing a little over $15,000,000 funds of her clients. Her growth as a trader has been commendable in recent years and she has managed to get an annual return of more than 300% for her clients by managing their accounts skillfully. The table below shows the praise-worthy annual returns she has achieved in recent years:


Annual Return


















What is a Managed Account and How Does it Work?

A lot of people cannot handle their finances for a number of reasons. Some require financial advice while some don’t have a clear plan of what to do or how to manage their funds to attain a steady income source.

The wealth or funds that people hold in their accounts can be managed so it can become a source of income. Trading or investment accounts owned by retail and institutional clients that are overseen and managed by a professional trader and money manager are referred to as managed trading accounts.

The manager of such an account does not have any direct access to the account and makes investments and trades via an allocation tool linked to the trading account. The owner of the account has a 24 hours direct and full access to the account and funds, while open trades can also be seen.  This helps the account owners to keep a track of their finances and focus on other matters while their finances are taken care of.

Information on Managed Accounts and Account Management Policies

Inna Rosputnia manages accounts of her clients to the best of her knowledge and experience of 9 years to help them grow financially. She does not charge any management or hidden fees. Her payment comes from sharing the profits with her clients. This ensures the clients’ trust in her, as clients will only be paying after benefitting from a profit. The clients have full control over their accounts and assets/funds at all times and solely hold the power to withdraw their funds.

Inna uses her expertise, research, and analysis to grab the best investment opportunities to get high annual returns in as low risks as possible.  She not only makes trading strategies and investment portfolios for the accounts that she manages, but also provides her expert advice on financial and retirement planning, global markets, stocks, investments, managed accounts, separately managed accounts (SMAs), trade, futures, money and risk management, commodities, and much more. Inna manages investment portfolios as per her client’s financial needs, goals and risk tolerance.


Information on Account Management Services:


Managed investment portfolios and managed accounts for the US and non-US citizens

Broker – Interactive Brokers

The minimum investment required – $50 000

Fees –No management or any other fees. 50% of gained profits.

Trading strategy and customized investment portfolios for separately managed accounts SMAs

Broker – Interactive Brokers

The minimum investment required – $1 million

Fees – No management or any other fees. Negotiated profit share.

Mini Accounts (for non-US citizens only)

Broker – AvaTrade

The minimum investment required – $1000

Fees – No management or any other fees. 50% of gained profits.


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