Forex Mentor Review

Forex Mentor Review

Trading System: Forex Mentor Pro

Type: Forex Education & Trading

Platform: Any Platform (Manual Trading)

Price: 50.25 USD per month

Trial: 1 USD (7 days)


Forex Mentor Pro Basic Review Information

Forex Mentor Pro is a system which combines Forex learning and day trading. The system is developed by Peter Bain. Forex Mentor aims to help traders build their own strategies based on tools and trading techniques. Forex Mentor Pro focuses highly on education by providing private forums, video tutorials, and other learning material. In addition, there is daily Video Analysis based on interesting charts and technical analysis. The Forex Mentor is a subscription service that costs $50.25 monthly but there is also a trial period of 7 days that costs just 1 USD.

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Forex Mentor Pro Trading Systems

Forex Mentor Pro incorporates three different systems for trading Forex:

(1) The STT System

STT stands for Simple Trend Trading and it is a Forex system based on Price Action. Video analysis based on the STT system is delivered on a daily basis to all members.

(2) The M1 System

The M1 System is an intraday trading system that focuses on the London Session (find more about this strategy below)

(3) The M2 System

The M2 system is a long-term trading system that focuses on price pullbacks and price breakouts.


Forex Mentor Pro Main Features

Here are the basic Characteristics of Forex Mentor Pro subscription service:

(1) Daily Market Analysis

The Forex Mentor team provides its members with daily Forex analysis. This analysis is video-based and includes interesting Forex charts and further information. Traders can find out how they can place their trades in the market with precision while all members gain full access to all the video analysis of the past 3-4 years.

(2) Trading Education and Full Support

The system includes full support from experts plus:

(i) Live Forex Webinars

(ii) Forex Training Videos

(iii) Downloads Area (indicators, ebooks etc)

(3) Private Trading Forums

The Forex Mentor forum can answer any question regarding the process of trading Forex. The Forum is administrated by a professional trader. Members can find support and advice during the London Session.


The Forex Mentor London Close Strategy

The London Close Strategy is an intraday trading strategy offered by the Forex Mentor system. This strategy works exclusively during the London session close:

■ London Session (9:00 a.m. EST to 1:00 p.m. EST)

The strategy focuses on the 5-minutes and 15-minutes charts and delivers the following set-up:

-Trade entry and trade management

-Stop-Loss Placement

-Take Profit Placement


The Forex Mentor Trial Period

The Forex Mentor Trial includes the following:

(1) The Forex Trading Systems mentioned before
(2) Video Analysis on a daily basis
(3) Trading Tutorials
Video tutorials covering the basics to advanced trading techniques.

(4) Access to the Private Forums
(5) Support from expert traders

(6) eBooks and other Education Material


Forex Mentor Pro Review Conclusion

Forex Mentor Pro is basically an educational Forex trading system that includes also daily Forex trading and Technical Analysis. The forum area can prove very helpful for beginners. The system is suitable for novice and semi-advanced traders. The 7-days trial provides a good chance for testing the system with just 1 USD.

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Forex Mentor Pro System Review



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