Expert Advisors for trading Binary Options

How to Create Expert Advisors for trading Binary Options

The software we are going to use for creating EAs is a simple builder that everyone can learn to use without programming skills.

You can create an Expert Advisor for trading Binary Options given only your binary options broker supports MetaTrader4.

The software we are going to use for creating EAs is a simple builder that everyone can learn to use without programming skills. The software can be used for free in order to create indicators, but in order to build EAs, you have to pay a one-time fee.

Specifications of the Web Application

Expert Advisor Builder is a pure web-based app without the need to install any software. The application is designed as a tool for transforming ideas into fully automatic trading systems. The important thing is that there is absolutely no need for any programming skills. Even if you don't know what an Expert Advisor is you will be able to build one in a matter of days. What is very important too is that EA Builder is 100% free for creating indicators.

The application develops Expert Advisors that can be used on three platforms (MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, and Tradestation) in order to trade any financial asset that is listed on these trading platforms (Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Gold, Oil, etc.).

Although the application is built on a friendly graphical interface there are also tons of tutorials that can help traders solve their problems, and that includes text and video tutorials.

■ Free application if you want to build indicators

■ 97USD if you want to create Expert Advisors

We suggest starting with the free application and then upgrading.

» Expert Advisor Builder for Binary Robots

Other Important Functions

  • Create alerts via Print Screen, eMail, and Audio
  • Money-Management system building
  • Time preferences
  • Unlimited variables when developing Expert Advisors
  • Full position sizing
  • Martingale / Anti-Martingale trading techniques

Automated Binary Options Trading

Example on EURUSD..First of all, make sure your broker supports MetaTrader-4, otherwise, you will not be able to use your Expert Advisor.

By right-clicking in the Market Watch area of MT4 you can see all available assets for trading binary options (click Show All).

Example on EURUSD

When you click new order, a special Binary Options box appears (image).

Building your Automated Binary Trading Strategy with EA Builder in 7 Steps

In the following example, you will see how you can build a breakout trading system with EA Builder.

STEP-1: After signing up with EA Builder (which lasts a few minutes) go to Create a new MetaTrader 4 Strategy and name it, for example, Daily Breakout Binary.

STEP-2: You can now add your customized conditions to the system.

There is a great variety of trading indicators and variables you can apply to your strategy. In our example:

  1. Price (Bid), Crosses Above, Resistance
  2. Time Interval 12 hours
  3. Fixed time of the day
  4. Time Interval ends at 10 o'clock
  5. We want to draw the resistance on the chart
  6. In the end, click OK

» Expert Advisor Builder for Binary Trading

STEP-3: Click on the "BO" icon to change the order to Binary Option and after setting the Binary Options Expiry Time.

The Expiry Time is set to be 1 hour.

The concept behind this strategy is that when the price breaks through a significant level (support or resistance), it will likely continue in the same direction for at least 1 more hour.

The exact opposite conditions can be applied to selling the market.

If the price crosses below support then the system will open a new position with the same expiry time.

As the number of trades is not limited yet, the same order could be sent many times. In order to avoid this situation, we can send the next order the following day. This can be done by checking “Next Open Trade After Time Of The Day” at 10 o'clock, which is the exact time when the interval ends.

STEP-4: After, we set the right Money Management. In the example, the invested money is just 10 USD.

That is all, the Source is ready.

STEP-5: After just copy the source.. and compile it. The new binary options Expert Advisor is 100% ready.

STEP-6: Now you must restart the MetaTrader platform.

And from now on, your EA will automatically open a long or short trade position each time the price breaks through major levels (support or resistance).

This is how you can implement any trading idea into an Expert Advisor for trading Binary Options.

Try the Expert Advisor Builder for free

■ Free application if you want to build indicators

■ 97USD if you want to create Expert Advisors

» Expert Advisor Builder App Website 

Creating Custom Binary Options Robots

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