Eni’s successful discovery offshore Indonesia

IndonesiaThe Italian oil & gas company Eni has successfully drilled and tested a well in the East Sepinggan block, offshore Kalimantan, Indonesia. The oil giant has been operating in Indonesia for almost 18 years now and has an overall wide portfolio of assets in exploration, production, and development. Based on data from Top Italian broker TradeFW, Eni’s latest success, and future plans indicate that Eni will be one of the hottest Eurozone stocks in 2019.


The offshore Indonesia discovery – a boost for the Eni stock

The discovery marks the company’s third consecutive successful find in the country. The well has been drilled to a depth of 3,400 m (11,155 ft) MD in 1,592 m (5,223 ft) of water depth and encountered 15 m (49 ft) of gas bearing net sands in two separate levels of Miocene Age. According to data recorded from the production test, in production configuration, the well can deliver 70 MMscf/d of gas and 1,000 b/d of associated condensates. Given the proximity of the discovery which is in line with the company’s near field exploration, the costs and time of execution will be substantially reduced.

Selecting The Best Forex Automated Trading Strategy

How To Select The Best Forex Automated Trading Strategy

Choosing automated Forex trading strategies may sound easy since automated trading is often a way for beginners to get started in the Forex market. It allows those without background or knowledge in trading to investing while taking out the disruptive factor of human psychology. Automated trading will carry out trades for the user on a much more frequent scale and without impulsive, non-strategic moves.

However, automated trading is far more effective if the human trader is advanced. S/he can then adjust the algorithms to suit his analysis of the market, and eventually devise a more accurate algorithm of his own. It is important to know how to use automated trading before you begin so that you can select the best Forex trading strategies.

The four key items in your selection

There are four key items you need to take into account when making your selection: description, entry-exit signals, application, and leverage. Knowing what you are looking for and choosing these items carefully, will let you make the most of automated trading. As with any type of trades, nothing is 100% guaranteed, but following this checklist will increase your chances of success.


It sounds obvious, but you should never choose a strategy before finding out exactly what each aspect of it means, and the logic behind it. Always take the following factors in the description into account:

  • profit target
  • risk and a stop loss
  • momentum
  • range
  • trend
  • breakout

The description should include the type of market conditions that the strategy was created for. While a strategy may work great in one environment, it may be ineffective in others.

Best Platform for Automated Forex Trading

What is the Best Platform for Automated Forex Trading?


If you are a more experienced trader, you may be considering trying automated trading. It makes the process much easier and allows you to get a lot more done in a much quicker time.

Automated trading can also be effective at eliminating human error. But how does automated trading actually work? And is MT4 still the recommended one among all the reliable Forex trading platforms when it comes to trading this way?

Let’s take a quick refresher on automated trading, before investigating the right Forex trading platform for the job.


What is automated Forex trading?

Automated trading refers to developing a set of rules for trade entries and exits based on your trading strategy. You then program the rules into your platform’s language so that the platform carries them out automatically. These rules must identify buy, sell, stop-loss, and profit-target values.

There are multiple benefits to using automated Forex trading:

  • it removes some of the emotion from trading. The platform won’t second guess itself or make rash decisions based on unexpected losses.
  • it executes trades automatically, with extremely fast reaction times.
  • you can get a lot more done without having to carry out every trade yourself.

That’s not to say there are no disadvantages. If the connection to the Internet is lost, the problem needs to be manually fixed. And if left unnoticed, a position could be left “naked”.

Swing Tading & Technical Analysis

The Swing Trading Approach

Swing Trading means a type of trading that takes advantage of the short-term trend of a financial asset. Swing Traders open positions that last from intraday to 4 trading days. Swing trading may be applied to all kind of financial markets: Stocks, Forex, Indices and Commodity Market.

Fundamental factors are completely ignored by swing traders and they are focusing exclusively on technical analysis. The news may seriously disturb the trend of an asset and that is why swing traders are avoiding to trade in days when important news will be released. Swing Traders may use also binary options to trade, more on binary options explained.

The Tools of a Swing Trader

Swing traders are trying to identify and take advantage of short price trends and repeated price patterns. They try to identify the current trend by using tools such are:

1) Moving Averages (in a great variety)

Swing traders may use a 50-minute average to trade or even to take advantage of the break of the 200-day average.

2) The famous MACD

MACD is a multi-moving-average trend model that is sensitive to the creation of new trends but it can’t identify overbought and oversold price levels. On its most popular setting, MACD is combining the 12-day and the 26-day moving averages while the trigger is deriving from the 9-day moving average.


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