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A Forex Robot or else an Expert Advisor or else an EA is a tiny piece of software that suits your Trading Platform (mainly on MetaTrader) and trades automatically on your behalf. Forex Robots are incorporating algorithms to measure and evaluate intraday, daily, or long-term price trends. Usually, Forex Robots combine several tools to measure the master trend and optimize entry/exit points using a combination of Forex indicators. Money management and a stop-loss order are also included in their core algorithms so that they can limit the loss potential. Forex robots can trade 24-hours per day using a computer that is continuously turned on or using a VPS Forex hosting (recommended).


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WallStreet Forex Review

WallStreet Forex Robot

Robot Name: WallStreet Forex Robot

Robot Platform: MT4 / MT5

Robot Type: 4/5 Digit Fully Automated Forex Trading

NFA-Brokers: Yes | ECN Brokers: Yes

Price: $299 (one-off) | Gift: Omega Indicator (worth $97)

WallStreet Forex Robot Trading System

The WallStreet Forex Robot is a fully automated scalping system designed to trade exclusively Forex. The WallStreet Forex Robot is developed by a team of professional software developers and Forex traders. The Forex Robot can be used with any MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader5 based Forex Account. The WallStreet Forex Robot is designed especially to trade popular Forex pairs which are offered with the tightest spreads, such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD and USDCHF, AUDUSD, NZDUSD. Additionally, the robot incorporates a High-Spread Protection system that filters the spreads continuously and protects traders against surprising increases of spreads due to high market volatility.

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Forex Diamond Robot Review

Forex Diamond Robot

EA Name: Forex Diamond Robot

Platforms: MT4 and MT5

EA Type: 4/5 Digit | Scalping 4 Liquid Pairs

NFA-Brokers: Yes

ECN Brokers: Yes

Price: $207 (one-off)

License: (1) Real Account License and several Demo Accounts

Introduction to the Forex Diamond Robot

The Forex Diamond is an MT4/MT5 Expert Advisor that trades 4 liquid Forex pairs on all market conditions. The robot's algorithm includes 3 different strategies (Trending, Ranging, and Scalping strategies) and several filters to protect your account (spread, slippage, etc.).

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BitCoin Robot Review

Bitcoin Robot Review –Automated Bitcoin Trader

Robot’s Name: Bitcoin Robot

Robot’s Platform: Bitcoin Robot Platform

Robot’s Type: Bitcoin Automatic Trader

Price: $149 Basic Plan (two more plans)

A Few Words about BitCoin

Actually, BitCoin is a Peer-to-Peer Digital currency system that is accepted by more and more providers in the world, as a payment method. What also characterizes BitCoin is its extreme volatility when it is priced against classic Forex currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, etc). High fluctuations are providing trading opportunities and that is exactly what the BitCoin Robot is developed to do, take advantage of BitCoin’s extreme volatility.

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